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For his first recording in uno trio (cello, saxophone, guitar), young musicians from Brazil and Italy offer us arrangements repertoire for chamber music trio from Brazil and Argentina.Brazil is known to be a nation with immense wealth and variety of music who saw born a few musical geniuses of turn of the century (Villa Lobos, Pixinguihna Juan Pernambuco, Radames Gnatalli to name a few) until today with the pianist Egberto Gismonti, Cesar Camargo Mariano, guitarist Marco Pereira, three contemporary composers gathered here on this disc with an original composition of the cellist Pablo Schinkle and two arrangements of two pieces of the great argentinian composer Astor Piazzola.

Listening to the first track we are conquered by the infectious energy, the festive spirit that communicate these young musicians filled of “swing” music so unique to this dance. After the joy of choro (although the word means “weeping” in Portuguese) sadness, “saudade” is never far away in Brazil. In the play “Menino” Sergio Assad, in turn cello, guitar and saxophone are trading like a melody that knows complaint be delicious, comes alive and then fall back to the beginning. In the arrangement of the two pieces of Astor Piazolla “Escualo” and the theme of Maria from the opera “Maria de Buenos Aires” musicians overcome the technical and musical difficulties that require this music to be closer to the style. Indeed the play “Escualo” the musician requires a flawless rhythm: a Presicion in the attacks, offbeat accents and above all dynamics and energy to be supplied throughout the piece, qualities that can be found here. Finally the arrangement subtly made for trio of the Maria’s theme manages to make us all the emotional intensity and depth music conducive to the music of Astor Piazolla.

Egberto Gismonti ‘s music is fascinating because it is the product of a subtle blend of popular and scholarly traditions , between the song People , improvisation , jazz harmony , modality , polyrhythm , musical elements that are found in its long piece “Aneis 7″ and the last piece that concludes the album ” A fala da Paixo ” part often played guitar duo and beautifully transcribed
here as a trio. Despite its unfavorable sound recording ( uptake sometimes too close causing his lack of sound space of the whole, no reverb) the first album of this promising trio is convincing and to discover especially for their unusual training (including one appreciates the beauty of the timbre of soprano saxophone) , the musical variety of their repertoire, the subtlety of their arrangements and rich musical expression of their interpretations.

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