Festival Toccata

October, 12/13/14 2018, Châtillon, France

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10a.m – 19p.m: Luthier exhibition - Conservatory

14p.m: International Guitar Competition Paris Guitar Foundation (Eliminatory) - Conservatory (free entrance, competition broadcasted on https://www.facebook.com/parisguitarfoundation)

20:30p.m: Concert - Opening of the Festival – Theater (ticket: 15€)

Opening : TRIO IN UNO 

“A beautiful osmosis that gives back force, originality and modernity to chamber music” GUITARE CLASSIQUE

“A beautifully and carefully played, often virtuoso in the good sense of the word, and especially very attractive arrangements, well done.” TRAD MAGAZINE


TRIO CAVALCADE (Jérémy Jouve, Mathias Duplessy et Prabhu Edouard)

It was during the concert for the release of the album “Cavalcade”, fruit of the meeting between the exceptional composer Mathias Duplessy, and Jeremy Jouve, “ambassador of the classic guitar all around the world” (FIP radio), that was born the “Cavalcade Tour” project.
This concert at Le Café de la Danse (concerhall in Paris) made his mark on everyone’s minds. Diverse public had been gathered: from the guitar field, the classical music field, the world music field… And all went out from the concert hall with a wide smile, as transcended, sign that the magic was in the air!
That magic, unanimously felt by the public, also crossed the stage and pushed Mathias Duplessy and Jérémy Jouve towards a new adventure.
The program of this tour is organized around the work for guitar of Mathias Duplessy, already widely approved by the public. This work evokes the great spaces and a very personal relationship with the passing of time. Through a strong feature-film landscape, the composer invites us to a journey from Spain towards Mongolia.
Prabhu Edouard, great indian master of tabla, who played with great names of the Indian music whom Hariprasad Chaurasia, Laxmi Shankar, Magic Malik and Jordi Savall, is one of the special guest of the duet, for jubilant improvisations of a rare technical level!
Solo, duo, trio followed one another on stage in a festive mindset, where the elegance, and the virtuosity of Jérémy Jouve’s classic set come to feed the strength of the flamenquiste set of Mathias Duplessy. The galvanising energy thats coming out from the union of their universes is passing on to the public for a rare and intense moment of sharing!




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10a.m – 19p.m: Luthier exhibition - Conservatoiry (free entrance)

14p.m: International Guitar Competition Paris Guitar Foundation (Semi-Final) - Conservatory (free entrance, competition broadcasted on https://www.facebook.com/parisguitarfoundation)

16p.m: Concert – Guitar’ students of the Conservatory (ensemble and solo) - Media Library (free entrance)

17:30p.m: Movie, « Sugar Man » de Malik Bendjelloul - Theater (Ticket 6,90€)

Searching for Sugar Man is a 2012 Swedish–British–Finnish documentary film, about a South African cultural phenomenon, directed and written by Malik Bendjelloul which details the efforts in the late 1990s of two Cape Town fans, Stephen “Sugar” Segerman and Craig Bartholomew Strydom, to find out whether the rumoured death of American musician Sixto Rodriguez was true, and if not, to discover what had become of him. Rodriguez’s music, which had never achieved success in the United States, had become very popular in South Africa although little was known about him in that country.

On 10 February 2013, the film won the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary at the 66th British Academy Film Awards in London, and two weeks later it won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood.

20:30p.m: Concert - (ticket 15€)


In the last few years he won more than 40 prizes in many international competitions. Among the most important are: first prize at Guitar Masters 2016 in Wroclaw, Certamen Internacional “Julian Arcas” de Almerìa, Forum Gitarre Wien, Iserlohn Guitar Competition, Budapest Guitar Competition, Mercatali Guitar Competition, Kutna Hora  Competition, Gargnano International Competition, Mottola International Competition; second prize at Guitar Foundation of America in Denver, “Pittaluga” International Competition in Alessandria (first prize not assigned) and “Frauchi” International Competition in Moscow (first prize not assigned).

As a recognition of his artistic merit, in 2013 he received the “Golden guitar award” for the best up-and-coming guitarist of the year at the 18th International Guitar Convention “Pittaluga” held in Alessandria.


ROBERTO AUSSEL (guest of honor of the Festival), for a special concert in France

Roberto Aussel is an extraordinary musician and an exceptional interpreter.  Born in 1954 in La Plata (Argentina), he began playing the guitar as of the age of seven. After studying with master Jorge Martinez Zarate, his principal teacher, Aussel was awarded first prizes at some of the most prestigious competitions in the world, including the international guitar competitions of Radio France, Porto Alegre (Brazil) and Alirio Diaz in Caracas (Venezuela). Since then, Aussel’s renown as an international concert artist has continued to spread, and he appears regularly in Europe, South America and especially since 1990, the United States (Boston, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Dallas, New York). Presently, Aussel teaches at the Musikhochschule of Köln (Germany) and manages brilliantly to combine this demanding task with an active world-wide career every year. His repertoire ranges from the Baroque to contemporary music and includes folk and popular pieces from the various Latin American countries. Keenly interested in 20th century music, he has collaborated with several composers, many of whom have written for him:  Marius Constant, Marlos Nobre, François Rossé, Norbert Leclerc, José Luis Campana, Francis Schwartz, Juan María Solare, Francis Kleynjans, Bob Wander, Carlos Grätzer, Edmundo Vasquez, Pascale Jakubowski.

In 1981, Astor Piazzolla wrote his well-known Five Pieces for Guitar to Aussel, his first compositions for this instrument. In addition to performing and teaching, since 1983 Roberto Aussel has been in charge of a collection of guitar music for the Paris publisher Editions Henry Lemoine. In 1999, Aussel won the prestigious prize of “KONEX DE PLATINO” offered by the Konex foundation of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In 2016, Roberto received the Honorary Award Jose Tomas from the Petrer Guitar Festival ( Spain).





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10a.m – 14a.m: Luthier exhibition - Conservatory (free entrance)

11a.m – 13p.m: Café-Concert - Maison des Arts (entrée libre)

Venez profitez d’un moment convivial et musical autour de la guitare. En partenariat avec la boutique Caron un petit-déjeuner vous sera également proposé.

14p.m: International Guitar Competition Paris Guitar Foundation (Final) - Conservatory (free entrance, competition broadcasted on https://www.facebook.com/parisguitarfoundation

17p.m: Concert - Theater (ticket 15€)


When we talk about Jean-Félix Lalanne in his early days, it’s often as “gifted guitar”. After touching his first guitar at 11, he gave less than a year later his first solo concerts. Thus, he will share the stage alongside Marcel Dadi who will become his mentor. This collaboration will take them to Olympia in 1988.

At 14, Jean Félix Lalanne joins the elite guitarists of the Academy of Guitar of Marseille, during an album recorded in public. Shortly after, he obtained a classical guitar concert license and now teaches at the Academy. At 17 years old Jean Félix undertakes his first musical project: an original and complex solo album, for which he transcribes Chopin’s Nocturnes, Valses, and Polonaises.

His music does not stop there, he studies the orcestration art that has always fascinated him: he becomes an arranger – producer – lyricist (Bonnie Tyler, Badie Chimene, Maxime Leforestier, Helen Ségara, Lara Fabian, Amaury Vassily …).





18p.m: Prize Ceremony of the nternational Guitar Competition Paris Guitar Foundation (Final) - Theater (free entrance, broadcasted on https://www.facebook.com/parisguitarfoundation) and Meet & Greet with the artists