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About us

The creation of the Paris Guitar Foundation was based on the spirit of gathering and sharing. We have formed a team of about 10 people mostly consisting of guitarists to think about an association dedicated to the promotion of the classical guitar. Our goal is to arouse interest in the guitar and expand its audience through the new means of communication of the 21st century.

In a few numbers
  • Association 1901 established in 2014
  • Facebook: 23 000 likes
  • Youtube: 6 400 subscribers
  • Views on YouTube since 2014: 730 000
Our different partners
  • Savarez
  • D’Addario
  • Guitar Foundation of America
  • Tonebase
  • Festival International de Guitare de Paris
  • Philharmonie de Paris
  • Orchestre de Paris
  • Orchestre de Chambre de Paris
  • Sony Music
  • Royal Academy of Music
  • Gibson
  • Woodbrass…
PGF projects


Following the attacks of January 2015 in Paris, many guitarists have expressed their deep emotions, and have expressed their desire to support a common cause. The ‘’Reporters without Borders’’ charity concert has provided the opportunity to share a moment with some of greatest interpreters of the French guitar scene. They have expressed their will to defend and promote the freedom of the press by supporting this event.



The Nagaland Classical Guitar Society (NCGS) is the only Indian organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the classical guitar in India. The region of Nagaland (East India), which is also a state attached to India, has a growing number of talented young guitarists. Thanks to the Music Task Force program, an initiative of the Nagaland Government in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the NCGS has since been invested in the construction of several music schools. The structure we visited in 2013 was still in development,. NCGs is alming to connect with with international organizations in order to train teachers and provide material resources that they do not have. Since 2015, in partnership with D’Addario, one of the leaders in the manufacture of strings for musical instruments, Paris Guitar Foundation has sent 1200 sets of strings for the region of Nagaland.



Organized in 2016, this competition brought together 34 competitors from 16 different nationalities. The jury was consisting of Roland Dyens, Rafael Aguirre, Marco Tamayo, Rémi Jousselme, Judicaël Perroy, Pierre Bibault and Augustin Pesnon. The first prize went to Turkish guitarist Emre Gokalp, a former student at the Royal Academy in London, United Kingdom.



This last decade has benefited the development of the classical guitar all over the world and more particularly in Asia. The increasing numbers of international festivals and competitions, and the emerging of remarkable is a proof of it. However, some countries, including Indonesia, need funding in this field. To support the activity and development of classical guitar in Indonesia we organized event in August 2017 to bring this precious support.



Paris Guitar Foundation invests with passion in the development of classical guitar, making human relations the heart of his project. Our study program believes in the future by offering a one-year scholarship to a young student with a exceptional personality and a project. The student selected for the year 2018 is the American guitarist Mark Kaylor



For more than a year, we have been working together with the City of Châtillon, to organize a significant event for the guitar. 3 days of music, concerts, meetings and especially sharing ideas. We are also happy to organize the 2nd International Guitar Competition Paris Guitar Foundation for classical guitarists.

Since the creation of Paris Guitar Foundation in 2014, our team has passionately worked on providing original content. We have more than 100 videos on YouTube, mostly documentaries and clips. Quality and excellence are the key words of our work. We are looking for an artistic coherence and for this reason, we strive to make unique productions in different places such as: the edge of Norman cliffs, the private apartment of the legendary composer Joaquin Rodrigo in Spain, mountainous Armenian lands, in the heart of the Tuileries garden of Paris, near Indonesian temples in Yogyakarta, in prestigious halls such as the Philharmonie of Paris or the Duke’s Hall of the Royal Academy of Music in London … Our annual output is modest, 4/5 videos, because we are investing for each video to be unique and stand out be from the rest.

Yamandu Costa, Marcin Dylla, Paul Personne, Jeremy Jouve, Tommy Emmanuel, Roland Dyens and Thibault Cauvin have all trusted us in our achievements. Like a painting, we want to catch memories of the great musical moments we lived during our journey. This is one of the missions of Paris Guitar Foundation.


Nabila Rifda Alfiani

Rafael Aguirre

Tommy Emmanuel

Tomassi/Musso Guitar Duo


Festival Toccata 2

Open ticket office, book your tickets!

The journey goes on!

The edition of the Toccata Festival 2019 promises to be thrilling. For this second year, we wanted to offer a wide range guitar ranges from different nations.

Ivan Petricevic, 1st Prize of the International Guitar Competition Paris Foundation 2018, will perform the concerto in D Major by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco with the Symphony Orchestra of Châtillon under the baton of Stanislas Kuchinski. An evening that ends in apotheosis with the exceptional place of the little prince of the classical guitar, Thibault Cauvin who has an exceptional place in the guitar scene.

The festival will continue with an extraordinary evening at the theater. We are pleased to welcome the canadian guitarist Antoine Dufour who is an acoustic guitar genius, cumulating millions of views on Youtube. The phenomenon that revolutionized fingerpicking! The evening of fire continues with the Italian virtuoso superstar of the electric bass: Federico Malaman and Malafede Trio! Needless to say, a dream night in Chatillon!

Finally, this wonderful edition, we find ourselves with African Variations! A unique duo, combination of West African string instrument, Kora and guitar. A trip to green lands. Finally, the last notes of the festival will be delivered by the duo Marylise Florid & Sylvain Luc, a fusion of classical music and jazz.

A Toccata Festival so spectacular!

Augustin Pesnon – Artistic Director of the Toccata Festival


A real thread of the Toccata Festival, we are organizing the third edition of the International Guitar Competition Paris Guitar Foundation. We would like to propose this meeting to share with the public the passion, the work and the immense talent of our international competitors coming to defend with ardor and generosity the repertoire of the classical guitar.

  • 1st Prize 2016: Emre Gokalp, Turkey
  • 1st Prize 2018: Ivan Petricevic, Serbia

1ST PRIZE : 2500€
2ND PRIZE : 1000€
3RD PRIZE : 500€

  • Article 1 – Introduction

The International Guitar Competition « Paris Guitar Foundation » is organized by Paris Guitar Foundation and will be held from 11th – 13th of October 2019.

  • Article 2 – Age Limit & Requirement

This competition requires no age limit and is open for all nationalities.

  • Article 3 – Inscription Fee

The fee of inscription is 50 euros and is non-refundable. Last entry of the competition is 1st of October 2019.

  • Article 4 – Organisation

The competition will consist of 3 rounds.
Competitors are free to perform their desired repertoire, but must respect the time allotted as follows:

Elimination – Friday, October 11th, 2019: 5 minutes

Semi-final – Saturday, October 12th, 2019: 10 minutes

Final – Sunday, October 13th, 2019: 15 minutes

The repertoires can not be played more than once by the same competitor (in another round).
Competitors may decide on the order of the repertoires and submit all information to the committee by October 1st, 2019.

The final round will be live broadcasted on

  • Article 5 – Evaluation Criteria

The repetoire pieces must be played without scores. The juries will take into account from each competitor the following criteria:

the quality of the interpretations technical capability
style of the performance
stage presence

quality of the repertoires

Each jury will select the competitors that are deemed to deserve to go to the next round. The votes will be calculated and determine the winner.

  • Article 6 – Disputes

The decision of the juries is final.
By entering this competition, each competitor has agreed to the presented rules without any exception.
In the case of disputes, the French language has the only juridicial value on the full settlement and it’s jurisdiction is recognized in the courts of Paris.


The fee of inscription is 50 euros and is non-refundable.

Last entry of the competition is 1st of October 2019.

The fee of inscription is 50 euros and is non-refundable.



ANNIE BEAUDOUX – Secretary of Paris Guitar Foundation

Mail –


ANNE-LAURE BLAZIANU – Cultural department / City of Châtillon

Mail –


Guitar Camp


We are keen to organize a guitar camp program about all aspects of the guitar and strong values ​​that forge a musician. How to practice? How to work on your self-confidence? How to prepare a concert? Some important qualities that contribute to the construction of the personality.

Our goal is simple, have fun and share unforgettable moments while learning and playing guitar.

We know that learning music requires investing time and hardwork. Yet, the students are very busy in the year with school, study, homework, sports activities, family life …

Our guitar camp offers guitar players an opportunity to consolidate music and to improve their techniques. The teaching process will be adapted according to each student’s specific needs and their future goals such as: exams, concerts, competitions or can also be solely for fun.

Music provides valuable personal qualities: discipline, patience, approach and sensitivity. A unique way of expression.

  • Guitar Camp Director and State Licence Guitar Teacher – Augustin Pesnon
  • Guitar Camp Co-Director and management of supplies – Annie Beaudoux
  • Acoustic Guitar Teacher – Hubert Baudart
  • Animator « Animatrice Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur (BAFA) » – Aid « Prévention et Secours Civiques de niveau 1 (PSC1) » – Dora Surdeau
Minor's program

Our guitar camp 2019 was accredited a licence by the Ministry of Education. A registration has been approved and validated by the « préfecture de Paris et d’Île-de-France » and the « Mission de Protection des Mineurs« .

Declaration form for the guitar camp: n° 0751352SV000118.


The cottage of La Croix-Saint-Leufroy is accredited by the « Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale de l’Eure. »

Minors accomodation: n°271911002.


The guitar camp is insured by MAIF company as « ORGANISATEUR ACM pour un stage de guitare« .

Insurance declaration : n°4298525 A.

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