EuroStrings – European Guitar Festival Collaborative


The first European platform of classical guitar festivals founded and it has global ambitions EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative is a first European Platform founded by Zagreb Guitar Festival from Croatia gathering 14 classical guitar festivals from all over the Europe. Platform will focus on highlighting the emerging guitar players offering them international career opportunities and enabling them further education in the classical guitar field. It is a ground breaking European classical guitar project, co-funded by the Creative […]




JAKARTA FUNDRAISING NIGHT  After our Nagaland Guitar Education program in India, we are proudly presenting you our next great event in Jakarta, Indonesia! During our stay we met the Indonesian guitar community and some of their teachers. So far the quality of their teaching are impressive. David Sylvester and Rahmat Raharjo are doing a great job here, […]




Few months ago we received a mail from D’Addario Classical Guitar Strings who kindly proposed us to work with them. After discussion, we finally found a way to be involved together through a humanitarian action. Our first goal with Paris Guitar Foundation is to develop the classical guitar world. But one of our deepest wish is to […]


Review : Matthew McAllister “French Collection”


Matthew Mc allister Scottish guitarist proposes for his new recording French music of the baroque, neo-classical and contemporary period.   François Couperin’s harpsichord works, which are often transcribed for the guitar suit perfectly well to the sound color of the guitar. After the famous work “Les Barricades Mystérieuses”, follow two other pieces: “Les Sylvains” and “Les […]


New Sponsor 2016 : Roland Dyens !

  Roland Dyens shares the joy of his musical talent through his performing, composing and teaching accross the world. This three-dimensional profile provides the basis for his phenomenal success and his ongoing evolution. Always transformative events, Roland Dyens’ concerts unfold as personal experiences of emotional awakening for the audience. Inspired by the musical unity demonstrated in […]


Review : Gabriel Bianco “Capricci”

  The last time Gabriel Bianco had graced us with a solo album, it was in 2009, for the label Naxos, to celebrate his winning f the GFA Competition. It is with great anticipation that we waited this new opus, recorded this time for the label Ad Vitam Records, a French label which, among others, […]


Review : Trio In Uno – Lilas

  For his first recording in uno trio (cello, saxophone, guitar), young musicians from Brazil and Italy offer us arrangements repertoire for chamber music trio from Brazil and Argentina.Brazil is known to be a nation with immense wealth and variety of music who saw born a few musical geniuses of turn of the century (Villa Lobos, Pixinguihna Juan […]